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Not enough healthcare provided for both physical and mental needs both during and after their service. Citizenship is often promised but not always followed through and often veterans are deported. According to the Military Times, approximately 250 veterans have been subjected to deportation and close to 100 veterans have already been deported. Between 2013 and 2018, according to Pentagon data, more than 44,000 noncitizens enlisted in the military. Two other major issues veterans face include  including housing and job placement.  

Our Solutions:

Free healthcare for all would include veterans and would give them the support both physical and emotional that is needed after the trauma they experience in their time of service. Automatic citizenship should be enacted upon enlisting and all paperwork should be completed by the government by the time their military service is up. Affordable housing and job placement should be available to all active and inactive service members in gratitude for their service.

Veteran Memorial Service
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