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Farming/ Agriculture


  • Resource depletion, including: a focus on fossil fuels, groundwater depletion, climate changes making rain less predictable and less dependable, chemical runoffs polluting our water, and desertification. 

  • Better land management including moving away from monoculture and livestock management

  • Excessive food waste

  • Public disconnection from food and farming. 

  • Political issues such as trade deals that only work for the 1% profetting. As well as immigration reform and tax reform. 

  • Federal budget cuts.  

Our Solutions:

  • Signing the Green New Deal to move away from fossil fuels and climate change effects. Creating harsher laws against companies like Monsanto and others that use pesticides. Breaking up companies like Monsanto and giving farmers seeds, land, and livestock back to them. 

  • Move towards crop rotation and livestock management grazing systems.  

  • Greater focus on educating public masses starting by teaching students minimalism and food conservation to reduce food waste and incorporating more urban farming in schools and communities.   

  • Immigrants who work on farms, should be automatically given residency cards and have pathways towards citizenship. 

  • We must have tax reform and increase the federal spending, which is currently at 1% for our agriculture, to ensure our farmers and their workers are both protected and can be successful. Increase certainty programs, and ecosystem markets. 

  • Foods must have GMO labeling

Farming/Agriculture: Press
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