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Civil Liberties

Civil liberties include:

  • Freedom of press/expression/speech

  • Freedom of religion

  • Right to privacy

  • Equal treatment under the law

  • Right to life

  • Freedom to bear arms


  • Our freedom to speech and expression are under threat all the time

  • Discrimination against religions

  • LIttle online privacy

  • No equal treatment under the law as it is systematically racist

  • No rights to life due to systematic racism

  • Gun restrictions

Our Solutions:

To protect our freedom of speech and press we must dismantle giant press/media corporations and support journalists who bring facts and truth to light.

To protect religious freedom, we must remove Muslim travel bans, as well as name all other religions under the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act including Muslims, Catholics and other religions as races to be protected. 

In order to truly have rights to privacy, we must work on having net neutrality, creating stronger laws against facebook and against the collection of personal information. Companies must ask for personal information instead of having consumers being automatically enrolled.

In order to achieve equal treatment under the law and a right to life we must have:

  • Affordable housing for all

  • A decent minimum wage that increases yearly

  • Free education including college for all

  • Free health care for all, regardless of immigration status

To protect our right to bear arms we must have a federal ban on military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines. America must stop selling weapons to domestic violence perps to ensure they can’t buy firearms, we must close loopholes against perpetrators of domestic violence, we must prevent the selling of firearms to terrorists, we must keep guns away from high-risk individuals, and we must require safer more thorough background checks.

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