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Foreign Policy

Latin America:


  • Continuous unjust trade deals with Mexico continue to hurt Mexican people. In the NAFTA deal, Mexican farmworkers were put out of business, workers were exploited, and  Mexico’s environment deteriorated greatly due to extensive deforestation. 

  • Currently, the US is asking Mexico to send back asylum seekers and until recently asking Mexico to pay for Trump’s wall. 

  • The US has a long history of intervention and in 1846 invaded and captured Mexico City and didn’t leave until a “peace treaty” was created that stole much of Mexico’s land. 


  • We believe America should give Mexico back its rightful land, or allow immigrants paths to citizenship.


  • WLJA does not support American efforts to invade Venezuela and launch a coup with Juan Guaido. We support Maduro’s efforts at democracy and Venezuelan’s right to choose how to govern their own country. America invades Venezuela with the pretense of offering aid and intervention to people suffering, but whose real intentions are to control their oil. 

  • We do not support the sanctions placed on Venezuela and other Latin American countries and leaders in order to manipulate them.

  • In 2002, the US ousted Hugo Chavez and tried another coup, but Venezolanos spoke up!


  • Bolivia had a thriving socialist economy and was succeeding in its socialist efforts. These scared the US and we launched a coup to help remove Evo Morales.  Jeanine Anez is currently acting as a self-appointed interim president but was not Bolivian people’s choice. 

  • WLJA is against regime change, America is not the police of the world and we should not interfere with other countries’ governments.


  • In 1954 we invaded Guatemala and launched a coup, destabilizing the country.


  • In 2009 Manuel Zelaya, the president was overthrown in a U.S. supported coup.


  • In 1973, the US supports another coup of the democratically elected Salvador Allende and he is replaced by General Augusto Pinochet, who imposes a brutal military regime, killing and disappearing thousands of Chilenos. The US’s real reason is to guide extreme economic privatization and deregulation. We use Chile as a laboratory for neoliberalism. 


  • 1964 the US overthrew its president and in a coup put Joao Goulart, a dictator in charge for 16 years. 



  • For too long Syrians have been forced out of their homes due to violence against them from both IS groups as well as dictator Assad. 

  • Kurdish people have been attacked by Turkey, and also displaced.

  • 6.2 million have left their home, and 5.6 have moved abroad.

  • We believe Syria should be free to make their own decisions by their own people. 


  • WLJA is a human rights group and stands against the prime minister Modi, and his racist laws. Muslims in his country should not be treated as second class citizens, they deserve to be treated equally. 


  • WLJA believes every country should govern itself without American interference. 

  • We do not believe in regime change wars as they are costly both in human lives, as well as monetarily.

North Korea

  • WLJA does not believe America should be making deals with Kim Jong Un because of the way he treats his own people. We also do not have a right to go in and tell them how to run their country. 

Saudi Arabia/ Yemen

  • WLJA believes we should not support Saudi Arabia, especially with the attacks they continuously launch on Yemen. We should not support them morally, or financially via funds, or weapons. 

  • WLJA strongly opposes the Crown Prince, as he leads a very patriarchal country and limits women’s rights greatly. 

  • They do not have freedom to travel or have passports, they do not have the right to choose their marriage partner, lack of implementation for domestic violence cases, there is employment and healthcare discrimination, there is inequality in divorce, child custody and inheritance, there are challenges with guardian transfer ship,  restrictions with leaving prisons and shelters, restrictions with studying abroad, and political repression. 


  • Amidst many trade and tariff wars, WLJA would like to see peaceful relations between the US and China.

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