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Domestic Violence


According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence on average, 20 people experience intimate partner violence every 20 minutes, that’s more than 10 million abuse victims annually. In addition, Nuisance laws exacerbate victims’ ability to protect themselves as it limits their voice and ability to speak up and against the perpetrator. 

Our Solutions:

Keep working with prevention programs, those that are working well can be scaled up and continue to be studied to see how well they work so they can be rolled out to communities with high needs. Create larger penalities for domestic violence perpetrators, making them consistent and firm regardless of perp occupation. Increase funding for support services as well as consolidating hearings into one place so victims don’t have multiple courts and judges can have all information in front of them.  Create curriculums that teach both domestic violence and finances as early as 4th grade so both men and women can be aware of abuse signs, and can learn to be economically independent, these classes should continue through high school and college and should be mandated.

Domestic Violence: Press
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