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Campaign Finance Reform

PAC's and Super PAC's make huge contributions to candidates and carry great leverage with them. The Citizens United case opened the floodgate to Dark Money. Meaning the allowance of foreign money into our elections. 

Our Solution:
We believe several issues need to be resolved to bring democracy and power back to Americans. Campaign contributions and spending should be limited to a percentage of the average annual salary of residents of it’s community. To make running for a political position accessible by all. 

The Supreme courts decision on Citizens United should be overturned to control dark money and campaign contributions in order to bring democracy and power back to the American people. 

We started Women for Liberty and Justice for All to help others form their own PAC’s, to empower people, and to support candidates who believe in change. Especially now when candidates are being blacklisted when running against incumbents and calling them insurgent. We need people powered PAC's - not corporate PAC's.

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