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The new Public Charge law which limits immigrant rights to public health care and access to public resources, no citizenship paths for DACA recipients, asylum seekers and refugees being turned away and often deported to countries other than their own, and being tortured, sexually assaulted, and murdered.  The separation of children from families and children being put into adoption without rights to their real families. Having religious freedom without fear of persecution for all. 

Our Solutions:

Remove the new Public Charge law, that denies green cards to immigrants who are thought to be likely to make even occasional or minor use of public benefits. Immigrants pay billions into taxes yearly, and have earned the right to resources. 

Create real immigration reform with pathways for DACA recipients to receive citizenship. 

In order to handle the masses of refugees coming to our country we must understand how our actions affect other countries, climate change is one great example of agriculture problems in Honduras and Guatemala that is forcing people to flee their country for a lack of food. Attacking countries and destabilising them by forming coups such as in Venezuela and Bolivia creates turmoil amongst its citizens forcing them to flee to safer places. 

Removing travel bans especially those that target people based on religious discrimination.

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