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Trade Deals


Trade deals are created by the government to “help our country and our economy” but in reality have long term detrimental effects that not only on those living in America but on people of other countries, and our planet as well. The NAFTA trade deal moved thousands of jobs across seas, leaving many without work, wages were suppressed because the work was outsourced and it was paid at much lower wages, Mexican farm workers were put out of business, workers were exploited, Mexico’s environment deteriorated greatly due to extensive deforestation,  

Our Solutions:

Sign AOC’s green new deal that would help build an energy-efficient "smart" grid nationally. It would upgrade all buildings to ensure they are  energy efficient. It would help decarbonize manufacturing and agricultural industries to reduce CO2 levels. It would upgrade and repair our nation's infrastructure. And it would help fund massive investment in the drawdown and capture of greenhouse gases.

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